Care, networks, movements / Cuidados, redes, movimientos

How do we imagine and project the future of the networks that sustain our everyday life and practices (political, cultural, etc.)? In the context of growing precarity and decomposition of social rights and welfare, how do we deal with the insecurity that our future embodies? Within creative and caring collective processes and social movements, what capacities do we have to imagine sustainable ways of collaborating, co-inhabiting, supporting eachother? What can the perspective of care bring to social movements and theories previously focussed around the image of fast-chaning networks, relations of opportunism, flexibility, precarity, of creativity and spontaneity?

These are some of the questions that underpin my (Manuela Zechner) research between 2010 and 2013 via a Phd at Queen Mary University London. The thesis is entitled ‘The world we desire is one we can create and care for together: On collectivity, organisation, governance and commoning in times of crisis and precarity. A reading through the prisms of care and creativity’ and will be published with n-1 and minor compositions post 2014. To engage these questions beyond (as well as within) a doctoral project embedded in the neoliberal university, I attempt to build and make accessible research materials in other formats and styles. This research is focused around Spain and the UK, below are some interviews.

[ENG] Nelly //////

time, families, friends, energies, squatting
London/UK, 2011

[ENG] Anja /////// 

permaculture, friendships, technologies, cities, migrancy
Graz/AT, 2011

[ENG] Pantxo ///// 

institutions, networks, common, movements, representation
London/UK, 2011

[ES] Marga /////

tabacalera, 15M, politica, cuidados, cuerpo, redes y cadenas
Madrid/ES, 2011

[ES] Fatimatta ///// 

territorio, cuidado, redes, cadenas, 15m, militancia
London/UK, 2011

[ES] Nizaia //////// 

redes de cuidado, pactos, amor, migraciones, proyectos, precariedad, instituciones, gozo
Barcelona/ES, 2011

[ES] Marisa /////

politica, politicizacion, diversidad funcional, 15m, cuidados, cojos y precarias haciendo vidas que importan
Madrid/ES, 2011


  • Subjectivity and Collectivity: problems of relation: text, Manuela Zechner, in: Cadernos da Subjetividade, PUC/Sao Paolo. Here’s a rejigged text touching upon care and creativity.
  • Un futuro de cuidado: a beautiful video that the Noticiero Intercultural made concerning the future of care, imagining a strike of care workers.



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