Arts, lives, collaborations 2007

[DE] Ann Cotten ////

Allgemeines Durchkommen, Berlin, Miete, Schreiben
Berlin/DE 2007

[ENG] Richard Barbrook /////

democracy, London, art, technology, change
London/UK 2007

[ENG] Mette Ingvartsen //////

body, technology, art, movement, copyleft, knowledge
Bruxelles/BE, 2007

[ENG] Alice Chaucat /////

art, artists, copyright, collaboration
Bruxelles/BE, 2007

[ENG] Saul and Pete //////

technology, utopia-dystopia, collaborations, city, currencies
London/UK, 2007

[ENG] Critical Practice, conversation 1 ///////

art, practice, institutions, collaboration, research
London/UK, 2007


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