First takes 2005-2006

These are some of the first interviews done using the future archive method, in London between 2005 and 2006. Videos take some seconds to load

  • [ENG] Maria Paula //////

    animal rights, ecology, women, globalization, nature
    London 2005
  • [ENG] Eugenia //////

    borders, nations, activism, corporations, money
    London 2006
  • Kerry //////

    science, technology, body, interventions, subjectivity
    english, London 2005
  • Jen //////

    patriotism, Sept 11th, United States, universities, arts
    english, London 2006
  • Grim Svingen /////

    economy, class, money, expolitation, third world
    english, London 2005
  • [ENG] Mel and Ffion //////

    trade unions, workers, rights, exploitation, struggle, organising
    London 2006
  • Stefanie /////

    gender, technology, money
    english, London 2006
  • James /////

    fear, anxiety, tv, money
    english, London 2005

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